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KATSUMA is, quite simply, unique.

Unique because, unlike its competitors, it truly puts the authenticity & quality of its food 1st.

For example, KATSUMA will only use genuine Japanese ingredients, such as sushi rice and nori (toasted seaweed), for making its sushi. Most of the Japanese/Asian food outlets now use much cheaper & inferior quality Chinese nori and Italian sushi rice for their menu - ask them!


KATSUMA only purchases its fish and meat based on quality, freshness and sustainability, not on its price. Our fish supplier only works in partnership with fisheries that are MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified to ensure the fish we use is from sustainable fishing practices.

We only use fresh British chicken and pork for our hot food menu, instead of imported frozen meats as used by most of our competitors.

At KATSUMA we strongly believe that everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, and that businesses should not be an exception. KATSUMA will continually strive to minimise its impact on the environment. KATSUMA is proud to say that our business runs on 100% 'green electricity' generated by UK wind farms and non-frack 'green gas' both supplied to us by Ecotricity, Britain's greenest energy company.

The waste oil produced by our kitchen is collected by a company who then recycles it into biodiesel.

KATSUMA is committed to avoiding the usage of single use plastics as much as possible. All our food packaging, napkins and carrier bags are made from biodegradable, compostable and/or recyclable board, card and paper. Our chopsticks are made from bamboo; a natural and fully sustainable resource. All of our drink products are sold in containers made from either recycled glass or aluminium and are readily recyclable here in the UK.

Food waste is also a big concern for us, we simply HATE having to throw good food into the bin.  To help us reduce our food wastage we are proud to have partnered with Too Good To Go, a free app based service that allows customers to buy our food at significantly discounted rates at specific time 'windows' during the day.  Why not become a 'Waste Warrior'? Simply download the app, grab yourself a bargain and help reduce global food wastage.

Our business recycles as much of our waste packaging etc as possible, and we politely ask that our customers please do the same.


Together, we can make a difference.

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